Enroll In Just 4 Easy Steps!


Fill out an Online Application

Fill out an online application form and provide a payment of $350 per employee per year. The payment will be processed once your group has been approved.

Select your state below to fill out the application. If you have questions during the application process, please refer to our Application FAQs.

1. On the application you will need to write in Classes of eligible employees (ex: Executives, Directors, etc...) and also the Plan Maximum Medical Benefit Elected. To determine the plan maximum eligibility, please use the chart below.
2. Attention Agents: If you are not appointed, please click here. Agents must be appointed prior to signing an application. For questions, please contact 844-489-9519.

eligibility classes chart

Upload your Summary Plan Description (SPD)

A Summary Plan Description (SPD) upload button is provided within the online application if the participants have employer-sponsored health insurance.


Provide us with a list of participants

Send us a list of the participants joining the plan along with their email addresses.

upload participants


Potential participants fill out an Enrollment Card and EFT Form

Once an application is approved, the employer will receive the enrollment materials from a dedicated BeniComp Account Manager. 
NOTE: This step cannot be completed until the application has been approved.


Submit the Business Associate Agreement

Once BeniComp reviews and approves the application, an online Business Associate Agreement will be submitted to the employer contact to sign.
NOTE: This step cannot be completed until the application has been approved.