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EasyPay is our automatic payment system. By opting in to EasyPay under your "My Banking" section, you authorize all issued invoices to be automatically paid using the default banking information. You will still receive email notification for every invoice issued, but there is no need to login and pay each and every invoice.

EasyPay is only applied to future invoices, so if you have open invoices prior to signing up for EasyPay, then you will need to pay the open invoices under "Billing". All future invoices will be automatically paid with no manual intervention from you.

No we do not accept credit card payments. We accept payments from any Checking or Savings account.

Yes! You can download one or multiple invoices and the supporting Request For Funding that details what is included in the invoice. You can one invoice by clicking on the down arrow of that invoice under the "actions" column. To download multiple, you can select the invoices you want and click "download" at the top right corner of your screen.

We highly encourage Clients to pay using Pulse Pay. We made submitting electronic payments easy and painless to expedite the turnaround time for participant reimbursement. No more waiting for the US Postal Service and wondering if your check was lost in the mail. We currently still accept check payment, but may not in the future.

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